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Depression Checklist – Is Depression Treatment Needed?

Life can bring you down, but depression is a diagnosable mental illness. This checklist can help you gauge whether or not you could be diagnosed as clinically depressed, and whether or not depression treatment may be needed.
Please check one response for each question.
Not At All
A Lot
1. Sadness: Have you been feeling sad or down in the dumps?

2. Discouragement: Does the future look hopeless?
3. Low Self-Esteem: Do you feel worthless or think of yourself as a failure?
4. Inferiority: Do you feel inadequate or inferior to others?
5. Guilt: Do you get self-critical and blame yourself for everything?
6. Indecisiveness: Do you have trouble making up your mind about things?
7. Irritability and Frustration: Have you been feeling resentful and angry a good deal of the time?
8. Loss of Interest in Life: Have you lost interest in school, work, your hobbies, your family, or your friends?
9. Loss of Motivation: Do you feel overwhelmed and have to push yourself hard to do things?
10. Poor Self-Image: Do you think you are looking old or unattractive?
11. Appetite Change: Have you lost your appetite? Do you overeat or binge compulsively?
12. Sleep Changes: Do you suffer from insomnia and find it hard to get a good night’s sleep? Are you excessively tired and sleeping too much?
13. Loss of Libido: Have you lost your interest in sex?
14. Hypchondriasis: Do you worry a great deal about your health?
15. **Suicidal Impulses: Do you have thoughts that life is not worth living or think that you might be better off dead?(**Seek immediate assistance if you think you are in danger of harming yourself. You may call BryLin Hospital at 716-886-8200, Crisis Services 716-834-3131 or the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255.)

Once you have answered every question, please click below to total your score.


Total Score Degree of Depression:


0 to 4Minimal or No Depression


5 to 10Borderline Depression


11 to 20Mild Depression


21 to 30Moderate Depression


31 to 45Severe Depression

* If your score is between 31 – 45, at a “Severe Depression” level, please contact BryLin or a mental health professional about seeking depression treatment to help yourself regain strength and personal stability. 

* For more information on depression treatment options, please contact BryLin and a mental health professional will speak with you confidentially. BryLin Behavioral Health System: 716-886-8200
Or you may Contact Us with any questions that you may have.

* This is not a diagnostic tool. Only a licensed physician or psychologist can diagnose a person with a psychiatric disorder.