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Adolescent Treatment

Most American youth try drugs and alcohol as teenagers, some will develop serious addiction problems. As the need rises for adolescent addiction treatment services in our area, BryLin’s Williamsville Outpatient Addictions Clinic has continued to adapt programming and services to offer the best quality of care for our clients.

BryLin has developed an Adolescent Addiction Program designed to meet the needs of the community. We have assembled an Outpatient Adolescent Treatment team that consists of Masters Level Qualified Health Professionals who are committed to adolescent addiction treatment. We also have an adolescent Specialist who is available to speak to Schools, Mental Health Providers, Pediatricians, and others as part of our free outreach services.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Education:
Sometimes good kids make bad choices. If those choices involve drugs or alcohol it may be necessary for a brief , yet powerful, intervention. The reasons given for such experimentation are to relax, relieve stress, socialize, and have a good time. The problem arises when they can no longer enjoy themselves unless they are using drugs.  This track is specifically designed to educate the teen about the risks of substance use and abuse while providing support and education. We provide kids the information and power they need to make healthy choices for themselves in the future. This is an open ended group that lasts typically 4-6 weeks.

Adolescent Recovery:
Our Adolescent Recovery treatment track has been specifically developed for the adolescent who presents with a Dependency Diagnosis. The group provides support, intense treatment, education, and awareness to clients. We help these kids understand the nature of their illness while moving toward a greater awareness and acceptance of the disease of addiction. This is an open ended group that lasts typically 16 weeks.

If you suspect an adolescent has a problem with alcohol or drugs, please call to set up an evaluation, usually provided within 24 hours. For more information on BryLin’s Adolescent Addiction Treatment Program, call at 633-1927 today.